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  • What is an embodiment practice?
    An embodiment practice is an intentional practice that holds intention of building awareness of interoception, exteroception and proprioception. Yoga is a practice that provides an opportunity for utilizing and developing these skills. Interoception refers to awareness of our internal environment whereas exteroception is awareness of the external environment. Proprioception is our awareness of movement through space and in relation with gravity. As chronic stress and day to day life takes it's toll on our nervous system health, we become 'disconnected' from our body. In the case of trauma we often further disconnect and even fear returning home to our body as it can be challenging to restore a felt sense of safety. The Embodiment Practice is founded in Hatha Yoga, Neuroscience, Somatic Psychology, Accessible and Body Positive principles.
  • What is the benefit of an embodiment practice?
    When we are trapped in cycles of chronic stress, trauma and even day to day stress we are engaged in high levels of sympathetic nervous system arousal. Yoga is well documented in it's benefits of engaging the benefits of the parasympathetic nervous system and aiding in both physical and mental well-being. In an Embodiment Practice we increase our intention of befriending our bodies and restoring a felt sense of safety, while also engaging with choice, connection, curiosity and compassion. We can dis-engage with shame and come into the power of the present moment awareness. Through education and understanding of the nervous system, we become more empowered in a loving relationship with this vehicle of our body. You are supported in creating a 'your yoga practice, your yoga choice' and to join in with me in this shame-free practice space.
  • How do I access videos
    The Embodiment Practice is a subscription plan with an online video platform, demonstrations, information on the nervous system. A monthly subscription will enable video access. There is a 2-step process to access videos. STEP 1: Subscription sign up STEP 2: Subscription Plan (Befriending the Body) This will enable access to the videos for 30 days.
  • What are your cancellation policies?
    Please see the cancellation policies with each plan and the length of time in which the plan is active. Please note that if individual sessions are scheduled 48 hour notice is required for cancellation or full-fee will be charged or utilized as part of your plan purchase.
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